Having a beautiful outdoor living space on your property in Colorado is one thing. Having an area that can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the weather, is another.

With a four-season deck or patio, you can be outdoors and indulge in your favorite activities whenever you want from the comfort and convenience of your own home. It’s all about designing an exterior space that is made to withstand the elements and provide a quality outdoor experience in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

What Do You Need for a Four-Season Outdoor Living Space?

The best outdoor living space is one that’s customized to your unique tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. However, there are certain features that can make your patio or deck more comfortable and inhabitable each month of the year.

Here are a few essential elements to consider when adding an outdoor space to your Colorado home:

1. Operable Glass Walls

Operable glass systems can turn your exterior living area into a functional space that allows for entertaining or relaxing every day of the year. Glass walls shield you from the elements and provide wind blockage while maintaining your connection to nature, granting beautiful outdoor views, and helping to ensure the area has an open and airy atmosphere. Operable glass walls can be incorporated into many layouts, even compact outdoor living spaces, and are suitable for a variety of design styles.

2. Infrared Heating Elements

Colder weather is a big deterrent when it comes to enjoying your time outdoors in Colorado. In order to make your exterior living space more inviting and comfortable during the fall and winter months, you need an adequate heat source. Infrared heating elements are a top choice in terms of  effectiveness and energy efficiency. They will keep you toasty and warm when the temperatures drop while conserving the energy that is typically lost through natural air circulation and exposure in the outdoors. Besides being environmentally friendly, they’re also cost effective and low-maintenance. There are numerous styles of fixtures to choose from, including lamps, overhead infrared panels, hanging heaters, and more.

3. Fire Features

Augment your heating elements with a fire feature of some sort. There’s nothing quite as comforting and luxurious as relaxing around a warm blaze, and there are plenty of options to choose from when designing your four-season deck. You can incorporate a fire pit or a fire rail, which is often used to enhance a scenic view or help contour a particular feature. If you want to create a more balanced indoor-outdoor atmosphere, consider a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Not only is it an attractive focal point for your outdoor space, but it also effectively distributes heat to keep you and your guests warm on otherwise chilly days.

4. Wide Folding Doors

Bridge your adjoining indoor and outdoor living areas with wide folding doors that promote connectivity and versatility. Folding doors allow you to create a seamless transition for your home’s indoor living spaces with an adjacent outdoor living space. For example, a wide opening with folding doors can be easily opened to create a smooth flow from space to space when hosting large gatherings or social events at your Colorado home. Openings like this can even be created above a counter to make  transfering food and drinks easier when dining outside.

5. Overhead Coverings and Pergolas

An overhead covering is essential if you want a quality experience in your outdoor living space year-round. It grants you protection from the sun during summer months and shelter from the rain and wind. It also helps lock in heat, so your customized deck or patio feels like an inviting extension of your house. When creating an exterior living space, consider a covered deck or adding an integrated or standalone custom pergola. These architectural structures can take on several different shapes and forms to complement your desired aesthetic, whether it be intricate and ornamental or sleek and modern. If you’re worried about your space being too dark, skylights can be added in a variety of ways. From simple flat rectangular ones to large curved ones, there are many ways to add protection..

6. Outdoor Lighting

Appropriate lighting is a staple of any outdoor space. The first step is to consider what type of environment you desire and how you will primarily use the living area. Then, you can choose various lighting fixtures and features to accomplish your objectives for both function and ambience. Most likely, you will want a combination of robust primary lighting and decorative accent lighting for a dramatic flair or to highlight specific features. Soft recessed lighting is an optimal choice for an outdoor living area. You also might want to add an elegant chandelier in your dining area or some spot lighting to highlight specific areas or features.      

7. Weather-Resistant Frames and Surfaces

Colorado homeowners face a variety of weather conditions that can wear down outdoor living spaces. That’s why it’s essential to use the right materials to achieve an architecturally beautiful area that is also durable and long-lasting. For example, decks built by Masterpiece start with a superior steel frame and composite decking that offers quality and longevity without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Composite materials even mimic the look of real wood, but require less upkeep to maintain their attractive appearance.

8. Comfortable Seating

No four-season outdoor living space is complete without the right selection of furniture. When choosing your seating and other items, there are a few things to take into consideration, including your design style; the amount of exposure the furniture will get on a regular basis; your desired level of maintenance; and, of course, how you intend to generally use your deck or patio. Do you want to host group events or small soirees? Do you plan to eat outdoors regularly with your friends and family members? Are you mostly interested in relaxing on the weekends or unwinding after a long day? The answers to those and other questions will guide you toward the best options when it comes to weather-resistant yet comfortable furniture for your customized outdoor living area.

Designing and Building Your Ideal Four-Season Outdoor Space in Colorado

There’s no wrong time to create an outdoor living space that adds versatility and luxury to your home in Colorado. With the suitable selection of materials and features, you can build a masterpiece outdoor living space that is designed to provide comfort, relaxation and entertainment throughout the year. Our team at Masterpiece Deck can work with you on developing an outdoor addition that will allow you to more readily enjoy all four seasons in Colorado.

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