Garth Hystad: The Man Behind Masterpiece

Garth Hystad hugging horse's head

Founder. Owner. CEO. Design specialist. Chief cook and bottle-washer. All of these are titles that point to one guy: Garth Hystad. More than just the head of Masterpiece Outdoor Living, Garth throws his whole heart into each project that he designs and builds. In his own words, “I don’t see the “before” picture in my mind. All I see is the “after.” It is this “after” that drives him forward and contributes to the creating process. What he sees in his mind’s eye is like nothing else, and that’s what sets Masterpiece apart from every other outdoor living company out there.

Many artists have an internal drive that pushes them to create, and Garth is no exception. Art is often born out of pain and hardship. Beauty can come from suffering, and that will surpass the agony of the moment and live on as a testament to our ability to overcome. Garth’s inspiring creations are no different. The man behind Masterpiece came from a seemingly desperate situation, and he has used that as the fire behind his passion to create.

His upbringing consisted of being raised in foster care until he graduated high school. He was often kept in his room for days on end, looking longingly out the window and into the great outdoors, seeing kids playing and dreaming of a time when he would be able to join them. During these times, he would read books about cowboys and the Wild West. He was determined that one day — ONE DAY — he would be outside and would soak up all the beauty nature had to offer.

Garth Hystad riding his horse

Garth recalls a moment as a 16-year-old when he was given the opportunity to exact revenge upon the foster home that made his life agony for years. “I stood there with a rock in my hand, staring at the large picture window at the front of the home. It was at that moment I decided what kind of man I wanted to be. I dropped the rock. There are many times in life when we want to get back at someone — and maybe they deserve it. But we have a choice about who we are and what we become. I knew that day that if I could drop the rock then, I would always be able to drop the rock and move forward with life.” The journey to becoming the man behind Masterpiece had begun.

“Sometimes you fall off your horse. Don’t live life trying to not fall off. I don’t care who you are, but you’re going to fall off at least once in your life. Get up! And don’t take forever to get up. Just GET UP.”

Fast forward to today. His chosen path has led him to live his dreams. Garth is a real-life cowboy who competes (and wins) Horse Reining Championships. He has also spent the last 35 years designing spaces for families that take full advantage of the outdoors while giving shelter and protection from the fickle Colorado weather patterns. His greatest creations are featured on the hit TV show “Mega Decks.” His goal is simple: Seamlessly blend the indoors into an outdoor space that can be utilized 365 days a year, in spite of the temperature. Creating a space for family and friends to gather and make memories to last a lifetime is what Garth truly calls a Masterpiece.

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