The home is an investment that can really pay off if the right maintenance and improvements are made on the property. Denver provides an incredible amount of beauty combined with a rich and vibrant local culture. The ability to put a deck in your home can make your home a far more rentable space for the healthy Colorado rental market. The increase in quality of life by expanding outdoor space that can be used throughout the year is the perfect opportunity. Not all decks are made for Denver as the harsh winters can be too much for certain materials or styles. Searching “custom decks Denver” can give you a better idea of the different options you might have at different price points. Below will investigate the different types of deck that will be perfect for Denver throughout the entire year. 

Platform Deck

Platform decks can be a great place to put a deck as well as a few chairs to relax in the backyard. These decks are going to be covered in the snow and rainy weather so waterproof materials need to be utilized. Doing maintenance on this deck during the winter can prove nearly impossible depending on the depth of the snow or thickness of the freeze.

Raised Deck with Railings

A raised deck can be far easier to maintain than a platform deck on the ground. A raised deck should have railings whether you have children or not. The last thing you want to do is slip on ice and injure yourself due to a lack of railings. A raised deck in the backyard can be perfect for people that want to entertain while overlooking the family or guests in the yard. Raised decks should be made out of durable materials as they are going to be more expensive on average than that of platform decks.

 Multi-level Decks

These decks can take imagination to set up in terms of what you want. Being able to see the entire property from the deck allows a family to keep a close watch on each other. Being able to watch a sunset or sunrise from your deck is an added benefit. Colorado sunrises are extremely beautiful as they peek out over the mountains. The issue becomes that having a bunch of posts surrounding the deck looks natural. Cabin-style homes with wraparound decks are what many people are looking for when enjoying a mountain weekend to relax. The immense amount of appeal that this type of deck has for resale is also immense.

The addition of a deck makes your home more appealing and livable. The fact that this also increases the value of the home is just an added benefit for those thinking about selling in the next few years. The important factor to consider is picking the right contractor to help with this project. Making sure this professional is well-reviewed and can show licenses/insurance needs to be required. The last thing you want is a poorly done deck to hurt someone or an injury to happen during its building that leaves you legally liable.

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