An outdoor space doesn’t have to feel separate from your home, in fact, you may be surprised by how much your life can change simply by connecting the space. Instead of alienating your outdoor space from your inside space, here are some tips for combining the two in perfect harmony.

But first, why would you want to combine your spaces?

From the idea of “feng shui” to the modernization of the open floor plan, the flow of a space has been important for centuries. Both encompass the “remove the obstacle” mindset and allow you to use your space and enjoy your home to the fullest. The same applies to your indoor and outdoor space. Removing the obstacle between you and your outdoor areas will encourage you to use and love them more.

6 Tricks to Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

1. Check Your Flow

Integrating your indoor and outdoor space begins with flow. Do you find yourself naturally wandering outside? Or does something stop you before you walk out the door? If the latter applies to you, change the flow of your transition space. A simple change of the angle of your couch, or getting rid of that rug you don’t like anymore can ease the transition of the indoor to outdoor living areas of your home.

2. Cover it Up

Here in Colorado, the weather can be incredibly temperamental. One day it can be 90 degrees and sunny then the next it’s snowing and freezing out. This discourages many from transforming their outdoor space into something they love. Covering the transition into the outside, or creating a pergola can both ensure you aren’t being weathered out and can bring the inside to the out. This “inside to the out” helps with the flow from step one, blending your indoor and outdoor spaces together, making them feel like one space.

3. Ditch the Walls

Feeling boxed in? There might be a reason, the change from a boxy inside to the free and boundless outdoors can be shocking. Try Large windows, especially floor to ceiling, or even bi-fold doors. Seeing the outside from the indoors will blend the spaces in your mind, making them one space. This will also make your indoor space appear and feel bigger, as well as let beautiful natural light in.

4. Lighting

Speaking of lighting, lighting is everything. Incorporate natural light into your indoor space, or if you don’t have big dreamy windows, embrace adding cozy indoor lighting to your outdoor space. Things such as warm lamps, string lights or path lights will bring the comfy feeling you get on your couch straight into your garden. If you’re looking for lighting inspiration, check out the trends of the year.

5. Don’t Forget The Landscaping

This may sound simple, or even obvious, but properly caring for your garden, lawn or other outdoor space can change everything. If you don’t like your space, you’re not going to spend time in it, whether the indoor space is integrated or not. Put time into making your outdoor areas beautiful, and then consider bringing the outdoors inside by adding house plants throughout your home. If you’d rather not turn your home into a nursery, then add them just by the doorway, this will bring you outdoors before your foot is even over the threshold.

6. Create an “Indoor” Area Outdoors

A living room doesn’t have to be inside anymore. Purchase outdoor furniture, such as a couch, dining table, or even fireplace, and make the new family area outside. You can even create outdoor kitchens and bars. If you move something that’s typically inside into the outdoors, you may just be surprised at how well the two spaces flow together, and just how often you forget that the two spaces are even separate.

More Outdoor Space Tips and Tricks

If you want to learn more about transforming your outdoor space, check out this article for tips on creating an Outdoor Kitchen, or if you’d like to leave it to the professionals, contact us!

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