There are trends for everything, including decks. If you’ve been looking to breathe new life into and modernize your space, or even build a new space this year, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of our favorite deck trends of 2022 that will make your deck perfect for you.

  1. Luxury Materials

In this day and age, people don’t want to worry about the upkeep of a wooden deck, so many are opting for luxury materials such as composite decking. Composite decking is a great choice because it doesn’t require yearly sanding or staining, and it holds up significantly better against the weather than wood, which is very important in Colorado.

  1. Temperature Controls

Speaking of weather, no one wants to give up their deck just because of the cold. However, it’s also not comfortable to sit outside in the snow, unless you have temperature controls. Whether it’s a group of stunning fire features, heated flooring or even infrared heaters, temperature controls take your deck from a one season space to a four season paradise.

  1. Outdoor Living Rooms

Stylish, comfortable, and functional: Outdoor Living Rooms are a perfect addition to your deck. These spaces offer all the comforts of a traditional living room, such as: sofas, tables, rugs, and televisions. Imagine watching the newest episode of your favorite show while breathing in mountain air, and you can see why this made the list.

  1. Railing

Railing is both a safety precaution and a design element for your deck. Railing trends in 2022 focus on metal balusters or accents and horizontal balusters, instead of the traditional vertical ones. The versatility of railing can pull the rest of your space together and keep you safe.

  1. Lighting

LED Deck lighting is one of the most loved deck trends of 2022. The practicality of deck lighting is in night time entertaining. You no longer have to worry about lighting a candle or bringing a flashlight outdoors with you at night. Outside of practicality, these lights give your space a classy, luxurious, sophisticated look and feel. LEDs can have many placements on your deck, with many  finding them especially favorable built into their railways.

  1. Outdoor Bars/Kitchens

A perfect pairing for an outdoor living room, outdoor bars and kitchens are a definite upgrade to your entertaining prowess. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect place for a family barbecue, or eat on your own in the beautiful outdoors. Outdoor bars have a similar function in entertaining, and combined with beautiful lighting, your nighttime entertainment will definitely be elevated.

  1. Masonry

Beautiful stone work is loved by many in 2022, for good reason. It’s incredibly classy and can create many features. Things like bench seats, fire features, pillars, and water features can be handcrafted with masonry to give your home an organic and thoughtfully designed look.

  1. Comfort

Most importantly is comfort. During the last couple years, all of us have become more conscious of how we enjoy our homes. This prioritization of comfort is the reason so many people choose to have their outdoor living spaces custom made. Afterall, if your space is gorgeous and hand crafted but not comfortable, you aren’t going to spend any time in it.


Designing an outdoor space doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and we hop this list of deck trends helped inspire you to learn more about breathing new life into your deck. If you’d like more inspiration check out our inspiration page that discusses even more deck features you should add to your deck.

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