Many Coloradans have been quarantined at home for months. With some restaurants and activities still shut down, many of us have been looking around our houses and thinking about home improvement projects. Now is an excellent time to replace your aging deck or build a new deck. Building a custom deck will allow you to have a more livable outdoor space.

Your custom deck will also help you enjoy your outdoor space in a way you could not before. Why choose any pre-fabricated desk when you can work with Masterpiece Outdoor Living to design a custom deck tailored to your space. Below are some of the benefits of hiring us to provide a custom deck design for you.


The material of your deck is incredibly important. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we can help you choose the exact kind of material that meets your needs. We will work with you to design a deck into whatever design suits your design tastes. Whether you would benefit more from high-quality vinyl, or a wood decking material, we can help. We offer all of the most popular materials for wood decks.

Treated lumber is a popular choice for custom decks. Most treated lumber decking is cut from southern yellow pine and then chemically treated to resist wood-boring bugs or fungus. PT lumber is not dimensionally stable, however, and can swell and shrink. It also requires more maintenance.

Redwood and Cedar decks are some of the most popular choices of our clients who custom design their decks. These western softwoods are prized for their beauty and rich color. They also have naturally occurring tannin oils that voracious insects resist. If natural woods are not for you, you can choose a composite wood.

Composite decking is becoming more popular. This material is made from a mixture of recycled wood and plastic. Synthetic decking is another type of decking made of 100% plastic. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we can listen to your goals and help you choose the type of material that works best for you.


Many people do not realize how many different deck designs are available. If you would like to make sure your new deck looks the way you like it and fits your lifestyle, you should know your design options. Platform decks are incredibly popular right now. They are typically built on lots that are level and they attach to single-level dwellings. When it comes to platform decks, you will often not need railings because the decks are low to the ground. Choosing a platform deck can also allow you to include built iin planters and bench seating.

Raised Decks are another excellent choice that can look visibly stunning. Houses with floors that are above ground often require raised decks. Raised decks need stairs and railings. They provide easy and safe access to the yard. These types of decks often include foundations that are exposed, but we can help you conceal those foundations with skirting or foundation plantings.

Multi-level decks are a series of decks that are connected by walkways and stairways. These decks are often necessary for sloped lots. The deck area follows the natural contours of the land involved. We can help you design a multi-level deck that joins each section with stairways so that the lower deck does not interfere with views from the higher decks.


If you can dream it, we can try to do it. If you would like to put a hot tub, a lounge, or a grill in your deck, we can help you. Keep in mind that you can place a hot tub on deck with the approval of structural engineers. If you only need a small deck with enough room for a few lawn chairs, we can accommodate your custom design. Many people enjoy putting fire pits in their decks. Patio heaters are another popular option that can be powered by propane, natural gas, or infrared lamps.

Or, you may wish to install an outdoor sound system to provide your get-togethers with music. Being able to relax while unwinding after a long day can be incredibly helpful. Outdoor speakers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some companies offer speakers that look like fake rocks and planters.


The actual shape of the deck is incredibly important to the design. A custom deck design would not be custom if it did not take into account the actual shape of the deck itself. Custom designs are often better than regular designs. Custom designs require you to consider the perimeter of the house, as well as the slope of the landscape.

In some cases, a freestanding deck is the best option. When creating a deck next to a house would be incredibly challenging, a freestanding deck might work best. Well-designed custom freestanding decks become extensions of the natural landscape when they overlook a garden. Indeed, freestanding decks are perfect for highlighting the best aspects of your yard.

You should also consider whether you want to connect your deck to your back door, or to a swimming pool or another landing point. You should consider whether you need to have multiple levels to your deck. The best way to design a custom deck is to consider your dream design and then determine how to incorporate that design into the existing structure of your yard and home. You will be able to see whether or not a custom deck would fit.

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Masterpiece Outdoor Living is a premier deck designer in Colorado. Some of our greatest designs have been featured on popular DIY shows. We help Colorado residents enjoy outdoor living during all four seasons. We will help you visualize the outdoor space you dream about in 3D and then help you execute your plan. With 34 years of custom deck design experience, we are here to help you bring your dreams to life. 

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