The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for over a year, and many people are still working from home or trying to avoid gathering in large groups. Many of us have been spending time at home with our families more than ever this year. The amount of time we have spent at home has led many people to consider creating an outdoor kitchen. Investing in an outdoor kitchen can help you and your family take advantage of your outdoor living space.

Depending on your yard’s size, you could end up doubling your kitchen and dining room space. By investing in an outdoor kitchen, you can provide your family and friends with a beautiful, comfortable space to share memories for years to come. The following are some tips for creating the outdoor kitchen space of your dreams.

Decide the Type of Kitchen You Would Like

At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we have helped many clients create the outdoor kitchens of their dreams. We can help you create a vision for a beautiful outdoor kitchen space. The design of your outdoor kitchen space is critical. When we help clients design outdoor kitchens, we do so in a way that allows them to enjoy their space throughout all four seasons. We keep the Colorado climate and season changes in mind when designing outdoor kitchen spaces. For example, we can help you include heating options in your outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy your space during the fall and winter.

Now that you have decided that you would like to create an outdoor kitchen, the first step is to determine what type of design you like. We recommend choosing the most durable materials possible and using them effectively in an efficient layout that makes the best possible use of your space. How much seating would you like to provide for your guests? Would you like to include a large kitchen area with multiple grills and refrigerators? Or would you like to keep the kitchen itself more limited and add more seating and decking? After speaking with you about your design goals, we can work with you to create a custom outdoor kitchen plan that works for your space.

Determine the Location and Budget of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you have several acres of property or a smaller backyard, we can help you maximize your space. If you have a significant amount of acreage, one challenge will be to ensure that you do not have to walk too far from your house to use your outdoor kitchen. If your space is smaller, our design experts can help you choose the best location for your grill and seating areas. As we mentioned above, the design process is often the most challenging. Our experts have designed hundreds of high-end outdoor kitchens. After looking at your property and talking to you about your goals, we will help you position your appliances and seating in the best possible way.

It is also important to consider what type of budget you have. We will provide you with a quote that includes materials, appliances, and the cost of labor. As anyone who has worked on home improvement projects knows that the budget is not always concrete. We recommend adding a buffer zone to your budget should anything cost more than anticipated. In some cases, you will not know about a problematic situation until the contractors began working on your outdoor kitchen.

Consider Your Cooking Style

When discussing your design plans, you should focus on your cooking style. What is your favorite way to entertain outside? Do you love cooking over a charcoal BBQ? Do you and your family members love making homemade pizzas and cooking them in an outdoor kitchen? or do you prefer smoking meat? What type of sink would you like to use outdoors? Are you fine with cooking food inside and bringing it outside? There are numerous options for cooking food outside, and we can help you design a kitchen that allows you to cook in all the ways you enjoy.

We can help you decide the best way for you to handle the prep work for your cooking, cook the food, and accommodate guests at the same time. For example, we can work to make sure that your outdoor dining area flows naturally, so your guests feel at home when they arrive. We can also ensure that whoever is cooking feels like they are part of the outdoor fun and not too isolated from the party.

Choose Your Features, Materials, and Appliances

Once all of the major design choices have been made, you can focus on which types of appliances you would like to purchase and use. Our experts can help you select materials and feature appliances that are durable and affordable. There are more options available than ever for outdoor kitchens, including many types of durable cabinet materials. We can help you decide which material to use depending on your goals.

For example, wood cabinets are combustible and can become rotted, especially during wet autumns or winters. Stainless steel appliances are typically the most weather resistant in outdoor kitchens. You will need to maintain your appliances, and it is best to choose powder-coated stainless steel in most cases, but there are other options available. You will be able to create a solid foundation for your outdoor kitchen using quality products that fit your lifestyle.

Work With an Experienced Outdoor Living Designer

If you are planning on creating an outdoor kitchen or renovating your outdoor space, Masterpiece Outdoor Living is here to help. Our expert designers have helped many Colorado residents design the high-end outdoor living spaces of their dreams. Our team can handle the entire process, from designing the space to managing the renovation project itself. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can help you take advantage of your outdoor space throughout the four seasons.

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