Fire pits are always a great addition to any outdoor space. Colorado residents can enjoy fire pits throughout much of the year. Gathering around the fire pit can help families come together and enjoy each other’s company. Firepits offer warmth on a cool Colorado evening. They also provide the perfect opportunity to share memories, laugh, and toast marshmallows for s’mores. Keeping your fire pit looking presentable will help you and your guests enjoy your outdoor space and help your fire pit last for as long as possible. We will discuss how you can care for and clean your outdoor fire pit below. 

Clean Out Any Debris

We recommend using a dust mask, eye protection, and rubber gloves while you clean out your fire pit. The first step to cleaning up your outdoor fire pit involves removing any debris that has accumulated. Bring a lined trash can over to the fire pit and dump out any ash, twigs, leaves, and anything else that is not part of your fire pit. After you remove large pieces of debris, you could benefit from using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and other smaller particles.

Ashes from fire pits can continue to smolder for days on end. When you clean up ashes, use leather trowels and gloves to scoop the ash and cinders up into a metal trash can. Wait until the ashes are cool enough to handle before removing the ash. We recommend cleaning your fire pit after every use. Doing so will keep your fire pit clean and well-maintained, and your fire pit will be ready to be used the next time you are outside with your friends.

Cleaning Metal Outdoor Fire Pits 

Fire pits with metal surfaces are typically pretty easy to clean. You will need to use a dry scrub brush first to remove any of the loose debris from the exterior and interior of the metal surfaces. Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the metal surface. You can make your own fire pit cleaning solution by using ¼ cup of washing soda dissolved in at least a gallon of hot water. Then you can rinse the fire pit thoroughly with fresh water. Do not forget to clean the screens and grates in the fire pit, as well.

Cleaning Stone and Masonry Fire Pits

You can also create your own cleaning solution to clean stone and masonry surfaces. Dissolve half a cup of dishwashing solution liquid into two gallons of hot water. Use a medium scrub brush to clean all of the masonry or stone surfaces. We recommend using a hose with a jet stream nozzle to rinse off the fire pit after cleaning it. Doing so will help you ensure that you remove all of the debris, residue, and all of the cleaning solution. Keep the burner as clean as possible, so fuel can easily travel up through the fire pit without any blockages or difficulty.

Cleaning a Gas Fire Pit

If you have a gas fire pit, you will not need to worry about cleaning up ashes. You will only need to remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from the burner pan. Make sure you clean out any debris from the rocks and fire glass after each fire pit use. When the fire glass needs to be cleaned, put on a pair of protective gloves. Remove the crystals from the fire pit and place them in a large bucket. Put in a few squirts of dish soap and swirl the glass pieces around to remove excess dirt. Rinse them off with your garden hose and let them dry before using them again.

Protecting Your Outdoor Fire Pit After Your Cleaner

After you have cleaned out your fire pit, we recommend covering it up until you use it again. Using a fire pit cover will protect your fire pit from the elements, including wind, dirt, snow, and sun. It will also keep your fire pit cleaner in between uses. We can help you select an outdoor fire pit cover that matches your fire pit.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Taking time to maintain your outdoor fire pit will reduce the amount of time you need to clean your fire pit. Here are a few tips to keep your fire pit as well-maintained as possible:

  • Check all of the fireplace fasteners and hardware before you use your fire pit every season. We recommend checking them at least once per month afterward. Tighten the fasteners and hardware as needed and check your propane connections
  • Do not use gasoline or any other accelerants in your fire pit. They create a scorching fire that can cause permanent damage to your fire pit.
  • Do not use water to extinguish a fire within a fire pit. The drastic change in temperature between the surface of the fire pit and the water could cause cracks in the surface of your fire pit
  • Keep all plastics away from your fire pit and any other hot surfaces.
  • Cleaning up the melted plastic on your fire pit is extremely difficult. Melting plastic also creates toxic fumes
  • Regularly remove any creosote build-up. Creosote is highly flammable and is a byproduct of burning wood
  • If your fire pit is moveable, store it in a sheltered, dry location that will help protect it from harsh weather conditions. If you have an in-ground fire pit, we recommend purchasing a cover for your fire pit.

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