Custom Outdoor Kitchens Inspiration Gallery

An outdoor living space is not complete without a custom outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens are built with functionality in mind.

Built from a steel frame and customized with any siding, they are the centerpiece of any outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens provide a central location for food and drinks and will have enough space for easy access.

The wide variety of features to choose from include:

  • High-End Built-In Grills
  • Custom Wood Fire Pizza Oven
  • Outdoor Refrigerator
  • Outdoor Beverage Centers
  • Bar Caddy
  • Ventilation Hoods
  • Built-In Access Doors
  • Stone Countertops

L-Shaped outdoor kitchens are our most popular configuration. They add more dimension to a project. Your outdoor kitchen can be customized with a 6” backsplash to make it a seating area behind that acts as a bar. We also can use glass panels to close in the space or even block the wind.

Not only should your custom outdoor kitchen be built with the best materials but should also have the best appliances that are built for outdoor space. These features bring your outdoor kitchen together. Outdoor living specialists always recommend that you purchase all the features from the same manufacturer that way all the hardware matches and provides a natural flow.