This amazing home is set in a great neighborhood in the heart of Colorado’s front range. Our clients loved their location but wanted more from their home’s outdoor space. By taking enhancing the existing structure of the home we were able to create a truly unique 2-level outdoor living space.

Notable Features

  •  Dual dramatic curved skylights
  • Second story private master bedroom deck
  • Multiple custom fire features & a round stone fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen with basin sink, grill & wrap around bar
  • Operable glass wind wall around the main lower deck


This older home has both mountain and city views, in addition to a spacious property all nestled in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

They wanted a way to enjoy more time in their amazing outdoor space without having to be at the mercy of Colorado’s unrelenting winds and unpredictable weather.

So my team and I got to work designing a unique and practical outdoor living solution that provided both covered and open spaces on both levels of the home.

The Vision

The upper and lower decks both feature our signature glass and fire features that frame the home’s breathtaking views while providing the perfect amount of warmth for any season.

When the weather isn’t as ideal, the lower deck has operable wind walls that block out everything but the view so they can entertain while watching a summer rainstorm or winter snow squall.

But for those warm summer nights, the fully exposed stone patio offers the perfect opportunity to roast marshmallows while pointing out constellations on a clear Colorado night.

Beyond all the entertaining and lounging areas this perfect outdoor living space features an enclosable fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a wrap-around stone bar top. (that way the cook isn’t left out of any conversation)

We also created a semi-private nook for a hot tub that is open to the sky so they can enjoy a soak in the snow or under the stars.

Finally, expanded the opening from the interior of the home with an extra-wide, near-seamless, glass door integrating the indoor living areas with their new outdoor living room.

All of this truly helped this family discover what true Four Season Colorado living is.

Luxurious Detail: The upper deck also features two large curved skylights that, not only, bring light to the lower deck but also offer a great oppertunity to watch the everchanging Colorado clouds.

The Results

The client was excited to see how close the renders were to reality and has been
enjoying their new outdoor living space!