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Custom Decks Work

We build our decks from a steel frame and add a composite decking to insure low maintenance that not only lasts but maintains its beauty for years to come.

From modern design to a mountain rustic, we will help make it a staple for your outdoor living space, while using top of the line materials:

Superior Steel Frame
Custom to your design, the steel is handcrafted and then shipped to your home. Our expert carpenters, overseen by a project manager, will work to build and frame a quality deck that will last.

Composite Decking
Provided in a wide variety of colors, composite is the latest decking that is built to last. Composite takes on the look of real wood by using a deep grain pattern and color stains.

Fabricated Custom Railing
Our handrails are handcrafted and dipped in the finest material to provide protection from Colorado weather while maintaining timeless beauty. We can custom craft different designs and features into the rails.

As the staple to any design, lighting accents the key features of the outdoor space. Choosing the proper lighting creates a welcoming ambiance to your deck and patio. It also creates a pleasant curb appeal and adds a sense of security.

Spiral or Sweeping Staircase
Crafted uniquely to your project, staircases provide access to your deck and patio, while adding a sophisticated design that appeals to the eye.