Fire Pits Gallery

Custom Fire Pits Work

What better feature to have outdoors than a custom fire pit. Just imagine you and your family sitting around a fire.

Fire features also provide a sense of comfort and warmth during the cooler times of the year, which in Colorado, can be often! Our fire features can range from the following:

Fire Pits
Fire pits are circular fire features that use either gas or wood. Fire pits offer a way for multiple people to sit and face each other. It’s a great conversational piece.

Fire Rails
Fire rails are rectangular shaped. They can start at 4’ and go all the way up to 15’. These are often used as a way to enhance a scenic view or help contour a particular feature. This feature is great to have a special somebody next to you while enjoying a scenic view.

Fireplaces (Wood Burning or Gas)
Acting as a focal point to many outdoor living spaces, wood burning fireplaces add a unique edge to any project. They create a welcoming, cozy setting.

Gas burning fireplaces deliver convenience and warmth. They quickly distribute heat to any outdoor living space