Custom Outdoor Luxury Building

We are the leading experts in luxury outdoor living spaces throughout the greater Denver/Metro area. Our world class designer, project manager and specialized building crew will design and build your outdoor living space into a grand oasis.

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World Class Design & Build

Your outdoor space should reflect the same quality as your surrounding area and home. We take pride in making sure your project flows seamlessly with your architecture, so that the outdoor living space looks as though it was always a part of your home. We understand that every family has different needs and that every project is unique. Your investment is important and you should strive for the very best. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we go above and beyond to bring you a world class design and build.

Our custom outdoor building includes:

  • Custom Decks
  • 4 Season Enclosed Spaces
    • Operable Glass Walls
  • Custom Fire Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens, Barbeques, and Bars
  • Patios
    • Custom Concrete, Stone and Stucco
  • Water Features
  • Fabricated Handrails
  • Roof Extensions
  • Skylights
  • Low Voltage Lighting



In Colorado, we face weather conditions that deteriorate any standard deck within 10 years’ time. Your deck should never be an eyesore. Instead, a beautiful architectural piece that has the same longevity as your home.

Our enclosed living spaces provide this and much more. We use ½ thick operable and fixed panels of glass that allow you to enjoy all the seasons of Colorado while also protecting your deck and patio.


Fire pits

What better feature to have outdoors than a custom fire pit. Just imagine you and your family sitting around a fire. The smell of wood is in the air. You can hear the subtle crackles of the fire.

Fire pits can be used for many reasons. They offer a great way to accent or highlight a specific feature, They can also be used to add a nice ambient light that gives any space a beautiful warm glow. We also add fire pits as a way to enhance any view you may have.



Outdoor bars create the perfect space to entertain. They can be customized to different heights (36-42 in) with features unique to each project. With built-in features like beverage centers, ice chests, cocktail centers, and the adjacent grill, you can dine and drink in style.

Beautiful stone or stucco surrounds the bar walls. The addition of an extended stone counter-top allows for a perfect seating area.



An outdoor living space is not complete without a custom outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens are built with functionality in mind.

Built from steel frame and customized with any siding, they are the centerpiece to any outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens provide a center location for food and drinks and will have enough space for easy access.



Decks are not the only important part to an outdoor living space. Patios add an elegance that completes a project. Not only does it provide more usable space, but a patio creates a naturally shaded area that can be used year round. We use quality materials such as travertine or stamped concrete to bring your masterpiece together.



Our custom pergolas extend over large spaces. We enclose pergola spaces with glass to provide wind blockage, while still maintaining the exposure to the outdoors that pergolas provide.

Why Us

Why choose us?

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states to live in the country. But its extreme winds, weather, and seasons keep most people from enjoying their outdoor space.

We have over 34 years of experience designing and building outdoor living spaces that solve the seasonal and weather challenges of Colorado.

We are experts in the latest maintenance-free composites and steel forever frame systems.

Relax and take comfort that we will create an outdoor living space that’s perfect for you and your family.

Extraordinary service from start to finish.

Amazing Job

Garth did an amazing job getting our ideas put into this space.

Glen Covert

“Garth did an amazing job getting our ideas put into this space. I would recommend him and his crew to anyone looking for a space that brings the family together for time well spent in the utmost enjoyable surroundings. “
– Glen Covert

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