The Masterpiece Process

It all starts with 34 years of experience designing outdoor living spaces.

The Design Process

You bring the vision, we bring the skill, artistry, and expertise. With one of the top 3D designers in the country, Masterpiece can bring your vision to life.

Using our expertise and artistry, we will then design your space utilizing our state-of-the-art 3D design technology.

This will give you the ability to see your space come alive and how it will look in your home. We can then make any changes needed to fit your personal taste, style, and budget.

3D Design

Often times it is difficult to visualize what your dream will look like. That can make it challenging to communicate your vision. We have found that creating 3D graphic models helps both our design team and our clients. Clients can get a more clear sense of how to use their space and our team can plan everything down to the last detail.

Take a Virtual Tour

Go a step further and create a realistic virtual walk-through video. This will give you an incredible sense of what is about to be built. It is so lifelike you will think the project is already complete!

Using a virtual tool helps clients really understand what they are having designed and built. We hear all the time how clients watch these videos over and over as well as share with family and friends.

We are with you every step of the way

At Masterpiece Outdoor Living we are part of the entire process. From the moment you contact us about your design idea until the moment we leave you to enjoy your new outdoor space, our team understands every step along the way. We expect new ideas along the way, we know that keeping a job site clean is not only tidy but also safe and we know that your home is an extension of yourself.