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An Investment Worth Making

Updating your outdoor space can be costly, so it is important to ask if it will be an investment worth making. As a homeowner, it is necessary to increase the value of your home when you add any upgrades. To showcase a previous project designed by Masterpiece founder Garth Hystad (a project that cost $350,00 and was completed in 2017), the home is now valued at $435,000 higher than surrounding neighbors with similar square footage. Some of the highlight features added to this project include our signature 4-season deck, which includes operable glass walls, a fireplace, infrared heaters, and low voltage lighting.

So, what outdoor features are specifically known to up your property value?

According to Ferguson Enterprises and Bob Vila, adding certain upgrades to your outdoor space will increase the value of your home. It is essential that the new outdoor living space is influenced by the architecture of your home. If there is no thoughtful planning and designing that seamlessly ties your outdoor space to the home, then the space will merely look like an afterthought and likely will not provide the return you deserve. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, our expert designers work with the architecture of your home, for a flawless design that looks as though it has always been a part of the house.

Let's take a look at specific features known to add value: 

#1 Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are one of the best ways to extend your house and raise resale value. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we use ½ in thick, operable glass walls, custom to every project. This gives the flexibility to open the outdoor space during the ideal weather conditions, or close when the weather is not so perfect. While the glass is closed, you do not lose the feeling of being outdoors.

#2 Lighting

Lighting provides one of the best ways to extend the comfort of your indoor space to the outside areas of your home. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we use low-voltage lighting to illuminate the beautiful outdoor features. This provides a cozy atmosphere, to be enjoyed year round.

#3 An Outdoor Great Room

An Outdoor Great Room allows you and guests to enjoy quiet time and entertaining. At Masterpiece Outdoor Living, we specialize in creating functional outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed throughout each season. We bring the great outdoors to life and create spaces beyond expectation.

Just how much will your new outdoor space increase the value of your home? In a recent article by Mansion Global, the value of your new outdoor living area depends entirely on the quality and usability of the space. For instance, if you have a grand deck, but it cannot be utilized during many times of the year because of unpleasant weather conditions, then its purpose is defeated. In referencing past projects, including the one shown above, we have often seen a 100% (or more) return on the investment, this being another example. So, having an outdoor space tied in seamlessly to your indoor space, ideally having floor-to-ceiling operable glass doors, is what home buyers are looking for. Having features that extend the usable time of your outdoor space add value to the home. This is why we, at Masterpiece Outdoor Living, create 4 season living spaces. We want homeowners to be able to enjoy and get use of their outdoor spaces no matter what weather conditions may come.

Garth Hystad of Masterpiece Outdoor Living has been designing these luxurious spaces since 1985 and has become the premier designer of his time. His work has been featured on a hit TV series premiering on the DIY Network and the Great American Country Network. He has also been recognized in many national magazines such as The Denver Post, and Colorado Homes and Lifestyle. Time and time again, his project's increase in home value has exceeded the cost of the project.

The best part of your home is not there yet. The outdoors are meant to be enjoyed, yet the majority of home outdoor spaces are created to only be utilized during ideal weather conditions. Creating a four season outdoor space will enhance your outdoor features, and provide family entertainment and enjoyment year round. It is designed to become the highlight and the best part to any home, a real treat! Now is the time to invest in your outdoor living space!



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Friday, 26 November 2021

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