Making any change to your home can be daunting. Hours of research and thinking about it is probably what led you to this blog. If you’re considering adding a four season outdoor living space to your home, here’s a couple real benefits to doing so.

Using Your Space (The Right Way)

So many people feel like they’re not getting the most out of their home and an outdoor living space can help alleviate that feeling. Not only does it create a feeling of openness in your space, it truly does give you more space to work with. 

Family Time

Outdoor living spaces are amazing for families with children or fur-children. A space where your children can safely and comfortably enjoy nature is a need for any parent, and an outdoor living space provides that. Or if you need to take a moment away from everyone, now you can have a second living room to escape to.

Perfect for Entertaining

Having a beautiful outdoor space makes it easy to have guests over. Whether casually or formally, it is definitely a way to make a good impression (especially if you have an outdoor bar or kitchen). It’s also perfect if you worry about other people coming into your home, having an outdoor living space means you can have the in-laws over, without them going through your linen closet. 

Reduces Stress Levels

Life can be overwhelming at times, and in those times it can be hard to decompress. Being outdoors is an ideal way to calm stress and anxiety. Our Founder and Owner Garth Hystad found peace and love in the outdoors during difficult times in his life, and you can too. In your outdoor living space you can enjoy serene environments, vitamin D, plus the added benefit of maintaining a comfortable temperature all year long.

Take Advantage of Colorado All Year

If you live in Colorado, you know the weather can be extreme. Many find it too hot in the summers, and too cold and snowy in the winter. When you have a four season outdoor living space, you have the comfort of knowing you can be outside at any time of the year. 

Increase in Resale Value

If you ever decide to leave your little piece of paradise, the resale value of your home increases tremendously by investing in an outdoor living space. One of our beautiful outdoor living spaces even caused a home to be valued $435,000 higher than the surrounding neighborhood. Certain outdoor features can skyrocket your home’s value, see this blog post if you’d like to learn more about what features are an investment worth making.


Convinced by the benefits of a four season outdoor living space? Are you ready to take the next step in creating your space? Then it’s time to add more value to your home and reach out.

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